WE tackles the subject of every day racism and has been described as ‘powerful’ viewing by its audience. It was first screened as part of Hastings Coastal Currents festival on Sept 13th, 2020.

Jody decided to release her third short film on Vimeo Sept 14th so that it could reach an immediate audience and spark conversations about tackling every day racism. WE was made during lockdown and features Amanda Abbington, Sinead Matthews and Anna-Maria Nabirye.

WE – An accidental conversation between three old friends reveals differences that run deep.

‘A great film from this first-time director that left me wanting more,’ Director David Caffrey. 


TWC – A double misunderstanding unfolds in this road movie about two people who are equally distracted, but for different reasons, causing a simple mistake… anyone could make.

This was Jody’s debut short film acting as writer-director.



‘Your anxiety is our anxiety’

LOG LINE: A call centre employee is traumatised by the people she is trying to help.
HELPLINE was officially selected for 2020 Beverly Hills Film Fest in LA and  Carmathan Bay Film Fest 2020 (a BAFTA qualifying festival), but sadly due to COVID both festivals have been postponed.


BOTH The Wrong Car and Helpline have been licensed by SHORTS TV

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